Mariner's Memorial Park


South Nags Head, North Carolina



Proud of our responsibility to revere and maintain this

Memorial Park dedicated to all Mariners who dared to sail

the dangerous seas off the North Carolina coast in service to America .

Mariners Memorial Park is an oasis of green on the North Carolina coast. The park is located on Renegade Island, one of the most unique man-made structures in the world. Renegade Island is approximately 100 acres in size, and nearly three-quarters of that was devoted to the creation of Mariners Memorial Park. The park gives residents a year-around facility that can be used for a whole host of events. The success of the park has been tremendous. Local residents have labeled it the official community gathering place. Mariners Park and Renegade Island are connected to the mainland by two bridges which were constructed at the time the facility was built.  The centerpiece of the park is Griffith Amphitheater, which has a viewing area large enough to accommodate up to 500 people in the grassy area surrounding the facility. It provides the setting for a wide variety of activities including city events, concerts, plays, public gatherings and weddings. The amphitheater can be reserved through the Outer Banks Parks & Recreation Administration, which is located at 501 Kings Highway in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Norma & Lynn Hammond Amphitheater at North Lake Park

You can speak with a representative by calling 555-7862 or toll-free, 1-800-555-7014 between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Features of the amphitheater include on-site dressing rooms, restrooms and a concessions area. Additional lighting, PA systems, tables and chairs, concessions equipment, among other items, may be leased as well. Contact the Parks & Recreation Administration for pricing information and availability. A complete schedule of upcoming events can be obtained through them as well.

Mariners Memorial Park offers many great features, including the "Big Green", a 12-acre area that borders the beautiful Pamlico Sound on the west side of the island. A concrete boardwalk runs the entire length of this area and ties into the "Virginia Dare Trail", a one-mile walking\jogging\running loop that meanders it's way through the park. The "Big Green" is the  most prominent and widely used area in the park. This area is a constant source of activity such as concerts, pick-up football games, craft fairs, kite flying or just lazing away and afternoon watching the boats on the sound, seagulls, pelicans or the occasional pod of dolphins that like to frequent the area.

The "Big Green" also features a huge playground for younger children and several picnic areas and shelters. A recent report submitted by the United States Department of Parks and Recreation described Mariner's Memorial Park as the standard by which all other parks are judged.

The park is open 365 days a year, but daily hours do vary throughout the year. Please make it a point to visit our park each and every time your travels bring you to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, you'll be glad you did. Contact the Park office or the Chamber of Commerce for additional information.

Fishing Pier at Bayshore Waterfront Park, Port Monmouth


What Makes Mariners Memorial Park such a Great Place?

Access & Linkages: All roads lead to the park! The bridging infrastructure on the Outer Banks makes the park easy to reach, regardless of the direction you may be coming from. The island also features a modest sized marina for those who wish to visit the park by boat.
Comfort & Image: The park is highly maintained, employing its own maintenance crew and placing them on-site 365 days per year. The combination of constant activity and the daily presence of uniformed park personnel helps to impart a feeling of safety and security. Trash cans are conveniently located throughout the park. Parking is available in any of the non-reserved areas. Park users are of all ages, including families with children, office workers, and school groups, and seem to be well-balanced in terms of gender.
Uses & Activities: Mariner's Park on a Saturday afternoon is a microcosm of the total Outer Banks community. The park is heavily used, averaging more  than 1.25 million visitors per year for special events and everyday activities. A snapshot of a typical weekend afternoon would include hundreds of folks visiting a gardeners’ fair on the 'Big Green', a family reunion in the picnic area, a pickup soccer game, a group of kayakers taking a roll class, folks on benches, reading or watching the boats go by, kids having fun in the playground area, folks riding bicycles, etc. Other days, you are likely to see a hot-rod car show, hot air balloons on the 'Big Green', 1,500 people walking their dogs for a Humane Society fund raiser; a charity walk for Breast Cancer; the registration and starting point for a triathlon; fireworks shot from a barge in the sound; a field day hosted by a downtown elementary school; folks fishing from the banks and pier; school field trips; a volleyball tournament and people from area offices walking or running during their lunch breaks.
Sociability: One of the neatest things about this park is that it has been chosen by the community as the central place where people want to be, whether for a local high school pep rally, health walk, volleyball tournament, a game of bocce ball, or just as a quiet place to read the newspaper. There are no strangers as kids play together in the fountain and play area, and people walking or running in the park smile and nod as they encounter others along the way. The park is often referred to as the "new front door" to the community, and it seems to be the place where everyone starts when they want to show off the Outer Banks to visiting friends or relatives.
Contact Information: The park office is located just outside the main entrance. The address is 100 East Pamlico Road, South Nags Head, North Carolina, 22356. The office phone number is 704.555.6711.