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1) From 1949 through 1961, the Southern Conference (through 1952) and the ACC held an annual three-day tournament in Raleigh which featured North Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, Wake Forest and four other schools from across country. What was this tournament called?
2) What two-time ACC basketball All-American and national player of year left professional basketball after only one year to pursue a career in pro baseball, where he was named to five all-star teams, won the National League MVP once, played on a world championship team and made the cover of Sports Illustrated three times?
3) Who is credited with inventing the phrase, "Tobacco Road"?
4) Who was the founder of the University of Virginia?
5) What ACC player was the inspiration behind the creation of the "Air-Ball" chant?
6) What school's student section is credited with inventing the chant, "Air-Ball"?
7) What head coach led the Tar Heels to the National Championship in 1957?
8) Who was the only collegian to make the roster of the original 'Dream Team' in 1992?
9) How many times has the ACC placed multiple teams in the final four in the same season (as of 2010), and who were they?
10) What three former ACC players represented the U.S. in the 2004 Olympics?
11) Who’s errant shot was put back by Lorenzo Charles, winning the NCAA championship for N.C. State against Houston in 1983.
12) Why was the 10-foot height selected as the standard for basketball goals?
13) Why was the game of basketball invented?
14) I played one season (freshman year) as a walk-on at Duke before transferring to Georgia State. My younger brother, who had spent his freshman year playing in the Big East, transferred to Georgia State as well, where we played together for one season. My bother spent two years at Georgia State before transferring after his junior year to play at Georgia Tech. Who am I?
15) What's the official name of the Boston College Eagle Mascot?
16) What ACC school was used by Union troops during the Civil War as a staging area, resulting in extensive damage to the campus?
17) Who is the last player to win back-to-back MVP awards in the ACC? (as of 2012)
18) What two teams played the first-ever college basketball game, and when?
19) Who is the only non-starter in ACC history to win the Player of the Year award?
20) What former ACC basketball and football player worked as a security staffer on Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign staff in 2008?
21) What link does Oliver, the singer of the hit song, "Good Morning Starshine", have with the ACC?
22) Who is the all-time leading shot blocker in the ACC? (as of 2012)
23) The Dixie Classic tournament was discontinued in 1961. Why?
24) Who was the first player in Georgia Tech history to score 50 points in one game?
25) Which current ACC school uses the most common mascot name in college sports?
26) Who is the only athlete in Clemson history to start for the basketball and football teams during the same academic year?
27) The Dixie Classic was discontinued in 1961, but a similar tournament was formed sometime later. The new two-day tournament featured the four North Carolina schools only. What was this tournament called, where was it played and in what years?
28) Who was the first NCAA tournament championship game participant to be the son of a former first-team All-American?
29) Who was the first black basketball player in the history of the ACC?
30) Who preceded Dave Odom, as coach of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons?
31) Who is the only player in NCAA Tournament history to start in four Final Fours?
32) Who is the only freshman in ACC history (as of 2012) to score over 30 points in their very first college game?
33) Who is the only coach in the history of Kansas men’s basketball to leave with a losing record?
34) Who is the only ACC head coach to ever get ejected during a Final Four game?
35) What is the official inside diameter of a college basketball rim?
36) What former Blue Devil player graduated from high school in only eleven years, and was only 16 years old when he enrolled at Duke?
37) Who holds the record for the highest career scoring average at North Carolina?
38) Who holds the NCAA record for the most points scored in a season and career, as well as best points per game average for the season and career?
39) Who holds the career scoring record at Wake Forest University?
40) Where did the Cavaliers play prior to moving to University Hall?
41) Who has the highest career scoring average at Duke?
42) Who became the first Maryland player to win an ACC title and a national championship?
43) Who are the only two Duke basketball players in history whose last names begin with a Z?
44) When and where was basketball first introduced as an Olympic sport?
45) What year was the ACC formed, and in what city was the charter signed?
46) What year did the NCAA lift the ban on freshmen from playing varsity sports?
47) Who is the career scoring leader for Maryland?
48) What were the sports teams at Virginia Tech called before “Hokies” was officially adopted?
49) What was the original name of North Carolina State, when it was founded in 1887?
50) What three ACC players were members of the 1972 Olympic team that lost to the Russians in the controversial gold medal game in Munich, Germany?
51) What UNLV player took the final shot against Duke in the 1991 National semi-final game?
52) What University of North Carolina player left the Tarheels in 1978 as their all-time assists leader?
53) Who is the career scoring leader for N.C. State?
54) Who is credited with creating the term, “March Madness”?
55) Who holds the single game scoring record at Florida State?
56) What player helped lead Maryland to the 2001 final four, but then transferred to Notre Dame for his final season?
57) What now defunct arena was host to the famous 1983 ACC Tournament, where N.C. State started their improbable run to the national championship?
58) What Boston College guard holds the ACC freshman single game scoring record with 41 points?
59) What is the only school to win NAIA and NCAA National titles?
60) What university was the first in the nation to display player’s names on the backs of their jerseys?
61) Who holds the single game scoring record at Virginia?
62) What former ACC Heisman Trophy winner, who also played basketball, never played football professionally but spent several years playing in the NBA?
63) What former ACC head coach was known as the “Old Gray Fox”?
64) What Duke big Man was known as “The Alphabet”?
65) What ACC school’s official mascot is an Ibis?
66) What ACC school played their home games in Ritchie Gymnasium?
67) What ACC school is credited with inventing the phrase, “Air Ball”?
68) Who has the highest career scoring average at Clemson?
69) What ACC school actually started out as an extension of another current member of the Atlantic Coast Conference?
70) Who was the only player off of NC State’s 1983 National Championship team to have any success in the NBA?
71) Who was the only member of the 1990 UNLV National Championship team to enter the NBA draft as an underclassmen?
72) What was the first city outside the state of North Carolina to host an ACC Tournament, and when did it take place?
73) At the time, Virginia's Ralph Sampson was probably the most heavily recruited player in the history of high school basketball. In what Virginia City did Sampson play his high school ball?
74) What do members of the NCAA Championship team receive from the host arena in which the game is played?
75) The Duke basketball program was placed on probation for one year in the early seventies because of a recruiting violation. Who was the recruit in question, and what were the particulars behind the suspension?
76) When and where was the first official 3-point shot made at the college level?
77) The NCAA Tournament was held for the first time in 1939. Who is the creator of this great event?
78) Who coached the North Carolina State Wolfpack to the 1974 national championship?
79) What is the official name of the Carolina Ram mascot?
80) Michael Jordan finish second in the voting for North Carolina High School Player of the Year as a senior. What future Tarheels teammate won the award?
81) Only three schools in NCAA history have made 5 consecutive Final Four appearances. Name them.
82) Only three players in the history of the NCAA Tournament have ever participated in four final fours. Name them.
83) March 11, 1979, is a day that will live in infamy for both North Carolina and Duke fans. Both teams lost NCAA second-round games in Raleigh to teams they should have beaten. Carolina, who was seeded #1 in the east region, lost to #9 Penn, 72-71 (Hanes Brands employee Dave Colescott missed a 17-footer at the buzzer that could have won it for the Heels), and Duke, who was seeded #2, lost to #10 St. Johns, 80-78. What is this day generally called in Tar Heel and Blue Devil circles?
84) Former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins played at which university?
85) Who has the highest career scoring average at Wake Forest?
86) Name the three Duke assistant coaches under Vic Bubas, who moved on to head coaching positions in the NBA.
87) What is the official, complete name of Virginia Tech?
88) Who is the only player in NCAA history to win the Naismith Award as the nation’s best high school and college player?
89) Virginia has had two players that have made the ALL-ACC first team for three consecutive years. Who are they?
90) In February of 2008, Virginia guard Sean Singletary became the fifth player in ACC history to score 1,500 points, dish out 500 assists and grab 400 rebounds in a career. Who were the other four?
91) What current ACC school played in Card Gymnasium, prior to moving into their current home?
92) Of the six schools with a national championship trophy in both football and men's basketball, three are from the Big Ten (Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State). The other schools are Arkansas, UCLA and what former ACC school?
93) How many schools initially made up the ACC, and who where they?
94) How do you spell Coach K’s last name? (don’t cheat now!)
95) Why did South Carolina leave the ACC in 1971?
96) For which ACC school did NBA forward Charles Williams play his college ball?
97) Prior to expanding to twelve teams, the ACC Tournament always kicked off on Thursday with a game featuring the #8 and #9 seeds. Because of the frequency of one particular coach who always seemed to end up in this game, the game was unofficially named in his honor. Who was the coach, where did he coach and what was the game called?
98) Who wrote the CBS NCAA Tournament theme song?
99) Duke and North Carolina met twice in the 1990’s ranked #1 and #2 nationally. What were the first two schools to play each other while holding down the top two spots in the country, and in what decade?
100) Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball wasn’t born in the United States. Where was he born?
101) During Dean Smith’s last 15 years of coaching, how many times did he win the ACC tournament?
102) Who was the lowest seeded team to ever win a national championship?
103) As of 4/1/2008, there have only been two unanimous selections as the ACC MVP. Who were they?
104) Has Duke and North Carolina ever played each other when both were undefeated?
105) Where was the famous 1966 national championship game between Texas Western and Kentucky played?



Question #1 - The Dixie Classic
Question #2 - Dick Groat played three years for the Blue Devils (Freshmen were ineligible) between 1950-52. After graduation, he played one year for the Fort Wayne Pistons, where he averaged 11.9 points per game. In the spring of 1953, Groat signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the rest is history.
Question #3 - The first use of the term is credited to Erskine Caldwell, who produced a novel called ‘Tobacco Road’ in the 1930’s. The story was set in a small farming community in Georgia, not North Carolina, which may be a bit surprising. Shortly after the novel was published, the term started popping up across the Tar Heel state, because of the rich tobacco producing history that North Carolina was known for. It’s unknown how, or why the term found it’s way into the college basketball world, but by the 1940’s North Carolina’s big-four schools (Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest) and the term went hand-in-hand. Prior to 1956, when Wake Forest moved to their new campus in Winston-Salem, all four schools were within 30 miles of each other. Today, Interstate 40 is referred to as Tobacco Road, because of the close proximity each of the four schools (all four are within 6 miles) have with the state’s longest highway.
Question #4 - Thomas Jefferson
Question #5 - Rich Yonakor, North Carolina
Question #6 - Duke University
Question #7 - Frank McGuire
Question #8 - Christian Laettner           
Question #9 - As of 3/1/12, this has happened three times. (1) North Carolina and Virginia advanced to the Final Four in 1981. The Tar Heels defeated the Cavaliers in the semi-finals. (2) Duke and North Carolina advanced to the final four in 1991 but didn't play each other. (3) Duke defeated Maryland in the national semi-finals in 2001.
Question #10 - Tim Duncan (Wake Forest), Carlos Boozer (Duke) and Stephen Marbury (Georgia Tech).
Question #11 - Dereck Whittenburg
Question #12 - Believe it or not, it was purely by chance. The peach basket, which was originally used, was placed at the edge of the elevated running track in the gym at Springfield College, which just happened to be 10 feet off the floor. That height has been the standard for well over 100 years now.
Question #13 - The inventor, Dr. James Naismith, was ordered to come up with something new for his gym class by Dr. Luther Gulick, who was the head of the physical education department at Springfield College. Naismith was given two weeks to come up with an indoor activity that would provide an athletic distraction for a rowdy class of 18 young men to help get them through the miserable New England winter.
Question #14 - I am Mark Causey. After spending one year (2001-02) in Durham as a walk-on for the Blue Devils, I transferred to North Georgia College. My brother Matt, who had spent his freshman year at Georgetown, decided to transfer to North Georgia as well. After two years there, he transferred yet again, this time to Georgia Tech for his final season of eligibility.
Question #15 - Baldwin
Question #16 - In April 1864, General Ambrose E. Burnside and 6,000 soldiers of the Union’s Ninth Army Corp camped on the Maryland (Maryland Agricultural College at the time) campus. The troops were enroute to reinforce General Ulysses S. Grant’s forces in Virginia. While encamped, the troops tore down several hundred feet of fence for firewood, attempted to set fire to a stone barn and caused damage to several other structures. After the war, the University filed a lawsuit against the federal government for damages, but lost in court.
Question #17 - J.J. Redick of Duke University, in 2005 & 2006.
Question #18 - The University of Chicago defeated the University of Iowa, 15-12, on January 18, 1896.
Question #19 - Steve Vacendak, Duke, 1966
Question #20 - Reggie Love, who played both sports at Duke.
Question #21 - Olivers full name was William Oliver Swofford. He was the brother of ACC commissioner, John Swofford. Oliver died on February 15, 2000. He was 54.
Question #22 - Tim Duncan of Wake Forest.
Question #23 - The tournament came to an end after a point-shaving scandal involving players from both N.C. State and North Carolina. This article details the scandal) Throughout the 1950s, Reynolds Coliseum rocked with the biggest holiday basketball tournament in the country -- the Dixie Classic. The three-day event in late December was even more popular than the postseason ACC Tournament. But it was canceled in 1961 because of a national point-shaving scandal that included players from N.C. State University and UNC-Chapel Hill. The field in the Dixie Classic consisted of the Big Four schools -- N.C. State, Duke, UNC and Wake Forest -- and four teams from different sections of the country. Four N.C. State players -- Don Gallagher, Stan Niewierowski, Anton Muehlbauer and Terry Litchfield -- and UNC's Lou Brown were among players across the country who were charged with fixing college games in that era. Top administrators at UNC and N.C. State disbanded the Classic and de-emphasized basketball by cutting their regular-season schedules. UNC played only 17 games in the 1961-62 season, Dean Smith's first as head coach. "The Dixie Classic was an unspeakably harsh experience for all of us," recalled William Friday, former president of the UNC system. "In its day, [the Classic] was the Final Four. It was the biggest tournament in college basketball in those days." Friday warned that the pressures on athletes remain and pointed to the millions of dollars bet on the Final Four. "That," Friday said, "creates enormous temptation."
Question #24 - Kenny Anderson scored 50 points against Loyola Marymount in 1990.
Question #25 - The Eagles, of Boston College
Question #26 - Mike Eppley (1980-84)
Question #27 - The Big Four Tournament was played in Greensboro between 1971-1981
Question #28 - Chris Collins, in 1994. His father Doug was a star for Illinois State in 1973.
Question #29 - Billy Jones was the first black basketball player to sign on with an ACC school. Jones played for the Maryland Terrapins’ during the 1965-66 season.
Question #30 - Bob Staak
Question #31 - Christian Laettner (1989-1992)
Question #32 - J.J. Hickson of N.C. State, scored 31 points in his college debut against William & Mary on November 15, 2007
Question #33 - James Naismith, who just happens to be the inventor of the game. His career record at Kansas, 55-60.
Question #34 - Dean Smith was ejected during the final moments of North Carolina’s national semi-final loss to Kansas in 1991.
Question #35 - 18-inches
Question #36 - Mike Gminski
Question #37 - Lenny Rosenbluth (26.9 points per game between 1955-1957)
Question #38 - Pete Maravich
Question #39 - Dickie Hemrick (2,587 points)
Question #40 - Cavalier Field House
Question #41 - Art Heyman (25.11 points per game between 1961-1963)
Question #42 - Mike Grinnon
Question #43 - Brian Zoubek (2007-10) and Bill Zimmer (1964-66)
Question #44 - 1936 in Berlin, Germany
Question #45 - May 8, 1953 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Question #46 - The rule was changed prior to the 1972-1973 season
Question #47 - Juan Dixon (2,269 points from 1999-2002)
Question #48 - The Gobblers
Question #49 - North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Question #50 - Tommy Burleson (NC State), Bobby Jones (North Carolina) and Tom McMillen (Maryland)
Question #51 - Anderson Hunt
Question #52 - Phil Ford
Question #53 - Rodney Monroe (2,551 points from 1988-1991)
Question #54 - TV announcer, Brent Musburger
Question #55 - Ron King (46 points in 1971)
Question #56 - Danny Miller
Question #57 - The OMNI, in Atlanta
Question #58 - Olivier Hanlan (2013)
Question #59 - Louisville
Question #60 - Duke
Question #61 - Barry Parkhill (51 points in 1971)
Question #62 - Charlie Ward
Question #63 - Everett Case – N.C. State
Question #64 - Alaa Abdelnaby
Question #65 - Sebastian, the Ibis, is the official mascot of the University of Miami
Question #66 - Maryland
Question #67 - An unidentified student at Duke was the first to use the now common term on February 24, 1979, during the first half of the Blue Devil’s game with North Carolina. Dean Smith, who was famous for his four-corners offense, came out of the gate against Duke holding the ball, leading to a 7-0 Duke advantage at the half. During the first half, Carolina big man Rich Yonakor, attempted a twelve-foot baseline jumper that missed everything, and the now famous chant was born.
Question #68 - Butch Zatezalo (23.4 points per game between 1968-1970)
Question #69 - N.C. State started out as part of the University of North Carolina education system.
Question #70 - Thurl Bailey
Question #71 - Anderson Hunt
Question #72 - Landover, Maryland – 1976
Question #73 - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Question #74 - A piece of the floor
Question #75 - An alumnus of Duke took David Thompson, a prep superstar from Shelby, North Carolina, to the 1971 ACC Tournament, and also bought him a sports coat to wear to the event. An investigation revealed that the Duke coaching staff had no knowledge of the situation, but the NCAA refused to reverse their decision.
Question #76 - On November 29, 1980, Western Carolina’s Ronnie Carr scored the first official three-pointer in college basketball history. Western Carolina was playing Middle Tennessee State at Reid Gym in Cullowhee, North Carolina. The Southern Conference took the leadership roll in introducing the three-point field goal by testing the experimental rule that had not yet been adopted by any other conference.
Question #77 - Phog Allen, who was the head coach at the University of Kansas
Question #78 - Norm Sloan
Question #79 - Rameses
Question #80 - Buzz Peterson, believe it or not
Question #81 - UCLA, Duke and Cincinnati
Question #82 - They were Christian Laettner, Brian Davis and Greg Koubek, all of Duke.
Question #83 - Black Sunday
Question #84 - South Carolina
Question #85 - Charlie Davis (24.9 points per game between 1969-1971)
Question #86 - Red Auerbach (Duke assistant, 1949), Chuck Daly (Duke assistant, 1964-69) and Hubie Brown (Duke assistant, 1969-72).
Question #87 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Question #88 - Shane Battier
Question #89 - Ralph Sampson (81-83) and Bryant Stith (90-92)
Question #90 - Johnny Dawkins and Danny Ferry, both of Duke, and Georgia Tech players, Brian Oliver and Tony Akins.
Question #91 - Duke
Question #92 - Maryland
Question #93 - The official number is six (6). North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest, Duke, Clemson and Maryland. South Carolina did not officially join until about a week after the other schools had signed the charter. A bit of a trick question.
Question #94 - Krzyzewski
Question #95 - Prior to the NCAA Tournament expansion, only the ACC tournament champion got a bid. The Gamecocks had won several regular season titles but always lost in the ACC tournament. South Carolina left the league to improve it’s chances of making the tournament as an independent. South Carolina later regretted the move and joined the SEC in 1992.
Question #96 - ‘Buck’ Williams played at Maryland
Question #97 - Les Robinson - N.C. State - The Les Robinson Invitational.
Question #98 - Herb Alpert, who gained fame with his band, The Tijuana Brass. Alpert composed the song while attending the University of Southern California in the 1950’s. He played in the Trojan Marching Band for two years.
Question #99 - Cincinnati and Ohio State played each other twice in the 1960’s as #1 and #2.
Question #100 - Canada
Question #101 - 4
Question #102 - Villanova was the #8 seed when they defeated Patrick Ewing and Georgetown in the 1985 title game.
Question #103 - David Thompson of NC State in 1975 and Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina in 2008
Question #104 - Yes, on January 18, 1986. UNC was ranked #1 and Duke came in at #3 (Georgia Tech was #2). This was the very first game played in the Dean Dome. UNC won 95-92.
Question #105 - Cole Field House in College Park, Maryland.