30th Anniversary Teams

Jerry Rice
The greatest fantasy football player of all-time



  The TFFL has seen many great players come and go over the course of its long history. The twenty-eight players listed below represent the best of the best over the first twenty-five years of the TFFL's existence. The criteria to assemble these teams was largely based on the number of All-TFFL team selections each player achieved. In case of a tie, the overall impact of a player was considered. These players embody true greatness, and have paved the way for the superstars of today.  
  1st Team   2nd Team   3rd Team   Hon. Mention  
  QB) Peyton Manning   QB) Drew Brees   QB) Steve Young   QB) Aaron Rodgers  
  RB) Adrian Peterson   RB) LaDainian Tomlinson   RB) Barry Sanders   RB) Arian Foster  
  RB) Emmitt Smith   RB) Marshall Faulk   RB) Priest Holmes   RB) Terrell Davis  
  WR) Jerry Rice   WR) Randy Moss   WR) Andre Reed   WR) Reggie Wayne  
  WR) Marvin Harrison   WR) Cris Carter   WR) Andre Rison   WR) Antonio Brown  
  WR) Terrell Owens   WR) Calvin Johnson   WR) Sterling Sharpe   WR) Chad Johnson  
  TE) Shannon Sharpe   TE) Antonio Gates   TE) Ben Coates   TE) Rob Gronkowski  
  PK) Stephen Gostkowski   PK) Jason Elam   PK) John Kasay   PK) Shayne Graham